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About Len

BORN:         Winnipeg, Manitoba (a long, long time ago)

CAREER:     Retired land surveyor

LUTHERIE:  Began building guitars in 1985

                     Member of Guild of American Luthiers since 1986

I have been a woodworker since junior high school. It has been a serious hobby all my life.  I have designed and built custom furniture for individuals and also sanctuary furniture for many Catholic churches, including the complete design of sanctuaries and the liturgical furnishings for several church renovations.

I have been a classical guitar fan since high school - am self taught at guitar building, using mostly the Irving Sloane book. I build using the “Spanish Heel” technique.

It is a rewarding craft. The best thing about guitar building is making friends with all these good musicians and getting a free concert every time a guitarist comes over to check an instrument.

Dianne and I have been married since 1972. I am a very lucky man.