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Artists playing Laviolette Guitars.

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I have the good fortune to have threeof Len’s Guitars. Because of my experience with his standard  classical guitar I asked if he would build me a Baritone nylon string guitar. The baritone is an exquisite gem. I love it for its sustain, playability and unique voice that’s inspiring to play. I love the fact that Len is always willing to modify any guitar he builds to achieve the satisfaction of every customer.

I’ve been playing one of Len’s guitars as my main instrument for the last 5 years and loving it. A wonderful sound and feel, and it works well for those situations where we’re playing louder and I need to avoid feeding back. Thanks, Len for the great craftsmanship and design.

A few years ago, thanks to my friend and teacher Jaime Valle, I had the good fortune to experience and own one of Len Laviolette’s guitars.  I am very impressed with the sound and with how comfortable it is to play.  Ever since, this guitar has been my main instrument in all of my tours.  While performing in San Diego, I met Len and asked him to make me a guitar.  My new guitar is a magnificent one and perfect instrument with impeccable sonority.  I would wholly recommend Len Laviolette’s guitars. God bless Len Laviolette.

...For live performances or studio work, I use a custom Laviolette guitar. This beautiful acoustic instrument is easy to play, precisely built with an ear for detail, and very responsive. It projects a big, powerful, pure sound that is clear, focused and perfectly balanced.

Len’s crafsmanship is fantastic. Not only do these guitars look and feel great-they sound amazing. You get the whole range of what you want to hear from a guitar. These are extremely comfortable guitars to play. He’s making some great stuff. I love the one he made for me

The first thing I noticed when Len handed it to me was the extraordinary resonance this instrument has. It makes the connection between the musicaian and the music that much stronger. The best nylon string guitar I've ever played, bravo Len!!!

Alex Ciavarelli is a truly gifted young musician. Here he puts #71 through some paces. The guitar is only 4 days old at this point. Quote from Alex: “That guitar is killer by the way. I would say it is the best classical guitar I have ever played...no joke! Looks gorgeous too”.

This is Len Laviolette's new double top guitar. Powerful with good intonation. Very easy to play.

Although I am not a professional musician my custom made Laviolette guitar makes me sound like one. I've owned and played dozens of guitars in the past 50 years, and my Nylon Baritone is one of the very finest. Working with Len was seamless. He gave great advice, was plesant and patient, and ultimately delivered an excellent, on-time build at a price that is still shockingly affordable."

Steve Lerman is a rapidly-rising star in the world of guitar. He has a Doctorate degree and has both won and placed highly in presigious internationl guitar competitions. His musicianship and dedication are obvious in his playing. We became friends at La Guitarra festival and when he comes to town he frequently visits. these videos are made in my home as a personal favor.

Carlos Rivera is a graduate of the San Francisco Conservatory. He is a talented musician. He commissioned #86, Cedar, Brazilian Rosewood. When he lived in San Diego he stopped by frequently and allowed me to video him on various guitars. He was a fun guy to work with.

The bassett Broghers are graduates of the San Francisco Conservatory. Their guitar carreers started with lots of good Rock 'n Roll. They still create and arrange music for classical guitar with strong metal influence. They commissioned 2 guitars, #117 and #118 Cocobolo/Cedar doubletops.

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